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At Extra Clinic, we are all about long-term, dreamy skin that glows from the inside out. We don't believe in quick-fixes or bandaid approaches to skin health - good things take time. Great skin requires a customised approach that doesn't always fit a cookie cutter mold. Every skin is different and has a different love language (one that we are fluent in). And that's what we are here for - to make things clear and simple for you, based on your individual needs.For fantastic skin, not just now, but into the future.

What to Expect


Step 1: Consultation $100


Meet with our Skin Queen / Dermal Clinician, Elise, or our Skin Princess / Registered Nurse, Eliza, to discuss all things skin - past, present and future. Our skin team will discuss lifestyle, skincare, nutrition, skin function, and clinical treatments to create a skin regime just for you. We customise every aspect of your treatment journey by prescribing an at-home skincare regime and in-clinic treatment program that is tailored to meet your skins needs.  

Timeframe: 1 hour for consultation

A consultation is compulsory for all new skin clients so we can tailor the perfect plan for your skin. Treatment bookings will not be able to be accommodated for without having a consultation prior. A pre-paid non-refundable payment of $100 is required for all consultations. 

Step 2: At-Home Prep & Clinical Treatments


We want you to get the most out of your dermal therapy treatments​, and part of this means having a stronger, well-functioning skin prior to commencing more intensive treatments. This process is designed to prepare your skin for other dermal therapies to get the best long-term result. 

Timeframe: Fortnightly - Monthly for 1-6 months (depending on existing skin health and client needs)



Step 3: Dermal Therapies

Your overall skin health and function is reassessed and dermal therapy treatments commence to work on skin function at a deeper level. A well functioning-skin is a healthy, glowing skin. 

Timeframe: Monthly for 3-6 months (depending on existing skin health, treatment undertaken and client needs)



Step 4: Maintenance

Let's maintain that beautiful glow and healthy skin function for long-term results while improving the skin condition even further.

Timeframe: 4-12 weekly

Treatment Options

Our Skin Team are experts in all things skin and know just what you skin will need for that Extra glow. At Extra, we have one booking option for dermal therapy treatments which are:


Elise: Skin Surprise with Elise (45 mins)

Eliza: Skin Express with Eliza (45 mins)


This allows our Skin Team the perfect amount of time to analyse and assess your skin and provide the treatments that will be best for you at the time of appointment. Let our skin team work their magic where 1-4 treatments/services are performed in combination. All  appointments will have enough time for LED and jelly mask add-ons. Dermal therapy treatments with our Skin Team may combine a few of the below services or be performed individually:

Micro Needling

Combines micro needling and customised product infusion to treat a variety of skin concerns. Super customisable. Encourages new cell regeneration.



Skin needling with advanced technology for enhanced product infusion, accelerated skin cell turnover & renewal, increased skin function, and rejuvenation.



Remove unwanted facial hair & dead skin cell build-up to reveal soft, glowing, fresher-looking skin. 


Jelly Mask

Relax with our signature jelly mask facials for a quick skin-pick-me-up.


Laser Genesis

For inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea, signs of ageing, fine lines, wrinkles & scarring. Stimulates collagen & elastin production.


Laser Pigmentation Removal

For removal of superficial pigmented lesions including freckles and age spots 


Laser Vascular Lesion Removal

For removal of broken vessels, telangiectasia, red and purple leg vessels, and cherry angiomas.


Extra Milk Peel

Designed to brighten the complexion, this peel is a go-to for fine lines, dull complexion & skin refresh.


Extra Mela Peel

An advanced peel for the appearance of pigmentation, melasma & post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Brightens & evens skin tone.


Combination/Custom and Advanced Peels

Compounded individual peels or a custom blend of peeling agents to meet your skin concerns and requirements.


Red LED Light Therapy

Encourages collagen & elastin production for a smooth, revitalised complexion. Reduce appearance of fine lines, illuminate the skin, & treat signs of ageing.


Blue LED Light Therapy

Kill acne-causing bacteria, reduce inflammation and clear stubborn acne by treating the cause of problematic acne.




Cosmetic Tattooing


Feather Touch Brows 

To add a little more definition and fullness to the brow.

Ombre Brows 

A blending of colour to darken and define the arch of the brow then softly blending towards the head of the brow for a soft natural look.

Designer Brows 

A combination of multiple techniques to create the perfect brow for you.


Darkening of the lash line to make the lashes appear fuller thicker and darker. ​


Lip Line Blend 

Defined border of the lip that is then blended into the body of the lip, for a defined but natural look.


Full Lip Colour

No time for touching up lipstick? Kiss proof, food proof, smudge proof, life proof lips.

All bookings require a $100 deposit that can be used towards treatment on the day or used towards payment for consultation.

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