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Good health is essential to the prosperity of people.

With that in mind, we created Extra Health & Wellness Concierge service. An exclusive program for our current Extra clients and new people looking to dip their toe in the Extra Clinic experience.


Our programming will look at you, as the beautiful individual you are, and craft a bespoke health wellness plan around your desires goals. 

If you’re looking to increase your energy, have better sex, feel stronger, manage pain, improve your skin and hair, lose weight, and thrive in your everyday life this program is for you. 


We developed this program so that our clients not only look great through our renowned aesthetic services but feel great from the inside out! 


The Health & Wellness Concierge program has 3 levels of intensity, so depending on you we can dial it up, or dial it down based on your available commitment. 


Get the Extra quality of life you deserve with our Health & Wellness Concierge program.

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Concierge Service

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Tailored Programs

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Optimized Health

Want to know more?

See our FAQ below: 

What can I expect from the program?​

That depends on your goals. We tailor every program around your optimal health and wellness. Our clients come to us to sustain the feeling of youth, achieve better sleep, increased sex life, hair-growth, fat-loss, autoimmune programming, and increased daily energy.

How does the program work?

The Extra Health & Wellness Concierge works in partnership with Concierge Doctors. The beauty of our partnership with Concierge Doctors means you can get scripts, referral letters, medical certificates or prescriptions delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days. The online medical service allows you to access expert doctors all from the comfort of your own home.

Who is the program designed for?

The Extra Health & Wellness Concierge program is for anyone that wants to optimize their overall wellbeing. The program is for those that understand that “health is your #1 wealth”. We love working with committed individuals who want to feel their best and thrive in their everyday life.

What is the approach?

Through a combined preventive medical, and scientifically backed biochemistry approach we look at a number of factors; nutrition, mental health, and supplementation. Depending on your requirements you’ll work with our specialized staff across, biochemistry, skincare, IV blood work, nutrition, personal training, and psychology.

How often do I connect with the Concierge service

Typically every 2-weeks you can expect a specialised staff member to check in with you, either in person or virtually. Depending on your programming that relevant professional will be guiding you through and ensuing all is progressing as planned.

When and how can I sign up?

If you’re a current client of Extra Clinic, please reach out to your usual clinician about onboarding and packages. If you’re new to Extra, please fill out the form below and expect a call from our specialty staff. We can set up your initial consultation ASAP!  

What if I just want to connect with a medical doctor?

Because of our exclusive partnership with Concierge Doctors, you can! Extra Clinic clients can get access to licensed professionals all online, at any time. Depending on your needs you can schedule a long or short consultation to get your scripts or prescriptions filled and on the way to your home in minutes.  

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